Low temperature fluidity index of diesel fuel: freezing point/cold filtration point

The freezing point and cold filtration point are two important indicators for evaluating the low-temperature flowability of diesel. The freezing point is the temperature at which diesel cannot flow, and the highest temperature at which the oil loses its flowability is measured under certain experimental conditions. When the oil is cooled to a certain temperature, tilt the specified test tube containing the oil sample 45 °, and after 1 minute, the oil surface inside the test tube cannot be seen to have moved with the naked eye, indicating that the oil has "solidified". The grades of diesel used in vehicles in our country are classified by pour point. Therefore, by using the brand, it is possible to determine the temperature environment in which diesel can be used. If the weather suddenly drops sharply, diesel vehicles should switch to low pour point diesel.

In practical use, wax crystals precipitate before diesel solidifies. If the crystals reach a certain size, it may cause blockage of the filter screen. The temperature at which diesel cannot pass through the filter screen under specified conditions is called the cold filtration point of diesel. The cold filtration point is the highest temperature at which fuel may form blockage in the filtration system, which means that fuel can pass through the filtration system normally above this temperature. In winter, drivers need to pay more attention to the cold filter point of their vehicle's fuel to avoid the inability of the vehicle to operate normally due to low temperatures.

Dalian Petroleum Instrument Co., Ltd. independently developed a micro method diesel pour point analyzer, model DSY-014ZWB, which is a product participating in the revision of national standards and is suitable for measuring diesel pour points greater than or equal to -60 ℃.

• Applicable standard: GB/T 510

• Automatic sampling, automatic detection, continuous testing without supervision

• Touch color screen, microcomputer control, Chinese and English interface

• Real time display of curves and data

• Measurement time less than 20 minutes

• Trial volume only requires 5ml

• Cooling depth ≤ -70 ℃

• Can be connected to LIMS


Dalian Petroleum Instrument Co., Ltd. independently developed an automatic cold filter point tester, model: DSY-110ZA, suitable for distillate fuels, including fuels containing flow improvers or other additives, for use in diesel engines and civilian heating devices.

• Applicable standard: SH/T0248 ASTM D6371

• Using a metal bath for rapid cooling

• Touch color screen, microcomputer control, Chinese and English interface

• Dual bath and dual pore, can control temperature separately, temperature range: -70~48 ℃, can measure two samples simultaneously

• Equipped with automatic cleaning function

• Can be connected to LIMS


At present, these two instruments have been widely used in PetroChina, Sinopec refineries, sales companies, and quality inspection institutes in various provinces and cities. With their high degree of automation, strong convenience of use, and accurate detection data, they have been recognized by users, truly realizing the design concept of "trace, fast, convenient, and accurate".

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