DSY-004 \ 004A \ 105ZB-the first choice for viscosity test

Lubricating oil detection instruments play an important role in modern industrial fields, which provide users with a reliable and efficient means to detect and evaluate the quality and performance of lubricating oil. Reasonable selection and application of lubricating oil detector can help enterprises avoid purchasing risks, strictly control the quality of new oil storage, ensure the lubrication safety of equipment, maximize the reliability and service life of equipment, improve production efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

Lubricating oil detection indicators include: viscosity, total acid value, moisture, residue, spectral elements, ferrography wear and so on. Among them, viscosity is the fluidity index of lubricating oil and one of the important indexes for detecting lubricating oil.

Viscosity is the basis for classification and selection of lubricating oil. If the viscosity is too small, the supporting capacity of the oil film will be reduced, and a good oil film will not be formed, so that a continuous lubricating layer cannot be maintained between the friction surfaces, which will increase the wear and tear of the machine and even lead to the damage of the machine. Excessive viscosity will increase friction, reduce engine power, increase fuel consumption, and even cause starting difficulties and unit vibration. Therefore, only the correct selection of lubricating oil with a certain viscosity can ensure the stable and reliable operation of generators and steam turbines.

Dalian Petroleum Instrument Co., Ltd. independently developed three kinds of lubricating oil kinematic viscosity detectors according to the different needs of different customers, which met the standard: GB/T265 GB/T30515 ASTM D445.

DSY-004 price competitive

Digital display temperature control, the temperature control range is continuously adjustable from 20℃ to 120℃. It can be equipped with a cold source system, equipped with two sets of digital display chronograph stopwatches, and can do two sets of experiments at the same time, which can hold four viscometers.


DSY-004A   cost-effective.

Semi-automatic instrument DSY-004 upgraded version, controlled by color touch screen microcomputer, shows the flow time and automatically calculates the viscosity value. The results can be stored and printed, and can be connected with LIMS.


DSY-105ZB    highly automated.

Automatic sampling, automatic detection, automatic drainage, cleaning, automatic drying, convenient operation, 8.4-inch touch screen microcomputer control, viscometer clamping can be used for a long time without adjusting the verticality every time, storing 5000 capillary constants, built-in embedded printer, connecting LIMS and uploading data directly.


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